Queer Feminist Art

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My name is Birthe Havmøller. For the last 20 years I have been running a queer feminist art visibility project, the art blog: Feminine Moments – Queer Feminist Art Worldwide .

Open call for artists and writers to contribute to the art blog, Feminine Moments – Queer Feminist Art Worldwide. I invite you to join and celebrate the 20th year anniversary of this queer feminist art visibility project with me.

The Queer Feminist Art Movement

Who are our creative lesbian ancestors and who are our contemporary artists, the icons of queer feminist art in the 21st century? I am exploring these and similar questions.

Queer Feminist Art!

Curatorial statement by Birthe Havmøller, independent editor of Feminine Moments – Queer Feminist Art Worldwide.

Top 10 American Artists

10 great out & proud women artists in the US.

Art Herstory 1955-2000

The Lesbian Art Movement in Europe and the Queer Feminist Artists of the 90s.


Art Herstory 1850-1950

Learn about the lives and artworks of our creative Lesbian ancestors in Europe.

The Gaze

The Lesbian and the Queer Feminist Gaze is erotic, sensual or other than the white male gaze.

Exhibition spaces

Feminine Moments list of queer art exhibition spaces in Europe.

Artworks & Artists

This gallery features samples of queer feminist artworks . Do not mistake it for the the art blog.

Contact me at havmoeller@gmail.com and provide details about your proposal for the art blog. I will get back to you soon.